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6W G24 LED bulb

Weatherproof 5050 flexible LED stripe is with a layer of epoxy or silicone glue on the side with LEDs. High brightness and light intensity. This IP64 5050 flexible LED stripe is also widely accepted to work as general lighting,accent lighting or area ligh

20W Lustrous Adjustable Down Light was designed to replace standard halogen gimbal downlights,widely used as shop display lamps in various shops. Retrofit replacement. No new cut-holes needed.

This 2.5" COB LED downlight is built with latest Epistar COB LED with new optical reflector for better optical control. 7W. 385~455 lumen.External constant current LED driver. 85~265VAC. Fixed lamp head. Non-adjustable. 90mm cut-hole.

Nonwaterproof power supply Desktop

MR16 LED spot is for retrofit replacement for 20W MR11 halogen bulb. 3 pcs 1W CREE XPE high power LED. 12V DC.

outdoor LED spotlight

IP65 5050 waterproof RGB LED tape is with a coating of fully-sealed soft silicone hose/tube. The waterproof LED tape is an economic and easy choice for color changing lighting needs for outdoor applications. 30 LEDs or 60 LEDs per meter. 12VDC/24VDC.

This flush LED channel housing is 25mm (width) x 15mm (height), with transparent or diffused snap-in PC covers,end caps or mounting clips. The flush LED channel housing is good for 10MM-wide flexible LED strip or 12MM-wide rigid LED strips.

9W rotatable LED downlight was designed to replace standard halogen gimbal downlights, which are widely used as shop display lamps. Retrofit replacement. No new cut-holes needed.

This 5050 LED strip snap connector is suitable to connect 2 pieces 10MM wide non-waterproof single color flexible LED strips into 1 whole piece without gap. The LED strip snap connector is smart,quick, easy, economical but it is as reliable as soldering

6W PAR20 LED lamp is built with 3 pcs high power LED. Built-in constant current LED driver. This PAR20 LED lamp is available in GU10, B22, E26 base. TRIAC dimmable PAR20 LED lamp available as well.

4 inch with 125mm cut-hole.14W.1030~1150 lumen.2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K.Quality light. Typical CRI>80.Soft and even light.No light glaring.

Raibow touch RGB LED controller is a user-friendly RGB Controller. It is supplied with a remote built with a "Rainbow" ring. When you touch the colors on the "rainbow ring", the RGB LED lighting fixuture will produce corresponding light colors.

This 5050 shelf display LED light bar is designed with a 90 Deg corner back, for installation along the corners of the cabinets. It is a finished linear LED product: 5050 flexible LED strip (120 LEDs per Meter) inside the aluminum profile with diffused c

This square cover alu LED extruder is 20mm (width) x 20mm (height), with transparent or diffused snap-in PC covers,end caps or mounting clips. The square cover alu LED extruder is good for 14~16MM wide flexible or rigid LED strip.

This candle LED bulb is retrofit repalcement LED bulb for standard 20W incandescent candle bulb. 3 pcs 1W Epistar LEDs inside.E14 base. 220~240VAC.

5050 Single Color LED Module,IP65,12V or 24V DC input,3 LED per unit.Warm white,Neutral white,Cool white color are available.It could be works as back light for advertisment board..

Wall mount PWM LED dimmer is based on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimming technology and designed to be installed on the walls for dimming the light intensity of various types of LED lighting fixtures, i.e, LED panel, LED strips, LED downlight, e

15x1W LED ceiling downlight is another downlgiht very popular with jewelry shop owners, because its high lightoutput and shinny light help to shine the jewelry dispaly products and attract customers.Affordable prices as well as good reliability.It deliver

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