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Aluminum LED stair nosing


This aluminum LED stair nosing is specially designed to work as lighted stair-nosing.Milky cover,end caps.Easy installation

Aluminum LED stair nosing
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Features & Benefits:

1) This aluminum LED stair nosing shall be installed by surface mounting with screws.

2) We can supply this aluminum stair nosing with LED strips inside. Red light,green light, blue light, yellow light or white light optional.

3) All necessary accessories supplied. End caps, lear/milky covers.

4) Any custom-tailed lengths available. Maximum length for these aluminum LED stair nosing is 2 Meters. We can cut them into the lengths you need or you can cut them according to your different projects.

5) It's good to use this aluminum LED stair nosing together with 8MM-wide 3528 flexible LED strip or 10MM-wide 5050 flexible LED strip.


(For details for the flex LED strip, pls click "High Density 3528 LED Strip" or "Non-waterproof IP20 5050 LED Strip").


6) The aluminum LED stair nosing provides extra heat-sink for LED strip lights. This extra heat-sink is very helpful to ensure that flexible and rigid LED strip get

best heat-dissipation.


7) This aluminum LED stair nosing with diffused cover makes the LED light look very soft and even. Not light dots or light glaring any more.



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